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Agency Overview

Total Family Solutions provides high quality mental health and behavioral services throughout New Jersey; we offer intensive in community and outpatient services for children, adolescents, adults, couples and their families who reside in the tri state area. Services are individually developed to meet the unique needs of each situation. Therapy is short term and solution focused, utilizing a strength-based approach. Total Family Solutions corporate headquarters is located in Voorhees, NJ. Outpatient locations are in Vineland, Voorhees and Avenel, NJ.

  • Intensive In-Community Services are provided by NJ licensed clinicians and are designed to assist children and families with mental health and behavioral health challenges, these services may include caregivers and other family members. Intensive In Community Services are short term, flexible and are provided in the home or community in accordance with an individual Plan of Care identifying both strengths and needs.
  • Strength and Needs Assessments (Authorized through PerformCare) a comprehensive assessment describing a youth and family's circumstance that provides recommendations for paths to success including supports and services available within ones community.
  • Outpatient Mental Health Services: treatment is provided at the Vineland, Voorhees, and Avenel offices. Services available to children, adult and families.
  • Family & Divorce Mediation: Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method which can help in many areas including domestic relations, pre and post-divorce issues, as well as prenuptial agreements. Mediation is an alternative to costly litigation while empowering individuals to control the process and get to the heart of the areas of disagreement. This service is different than family counseling or mental health therapy. Mediation services at Total Family Solutions are provided by a New Jersey & Florida Licensed Attorney certified and credentialed as a Mediator. Agreement is achieved through compromise and the Mediator helps both sides achieve a plan that works for everyone involved.

    Cost: Initial Consultation $350.00 (not covered by insurance) credit cards, checks or cash payment is accepted


  • Outpatient mental health services are provided at our Central and South Jersey Facilities. Appointments can be made by calling 856-772-5809
  • Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication Management
  • Behavioral Assistance Services are concrete, outcome-oriented interventions provided in accordance with a plan of care. Services are designed to help children and adolescents learn adaptive coping strategies and improve self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, communication skills, and anger management. The service is provided under the supervision of a licensed practitioner.
  • Intensive in community services are provided by a licensed clinician and are designed to assist the child with his or her emotional and behavioral difficulties. Services may include caregivers and other family members. Services are flexible and provided in accordance with a plan of care.
  • Bio-psychological social assessments / needs assessments are provided by a licensed clinician. They are conducted in the home to determine the level of care required and to recommend specific behavioral health services.
  • Bio-psychosexual evaluations are provided by a licensed clinician.
  • Court evalutaions are provided by a licensed clinician.

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